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    Getting to be enlisted as a competitor is the initial step that should be finished before beginning with the official preparing. The initial step is to distinguish which hopeful class you can apply for as the classification will rely upon your tertiary instruction capabilities. The diverse capabilities will enable you to apply in the accompanying hopeful classifications.

    Applicant Engineer requires a recorded BEng/BSc (Eng) capability from an ECSA perceived foundation

    Hopeful Engineering Technologists requires a recorded BTech from an ECSA perceived organization

    Competitor Engineering Technician requires a recorded National Diploma from an ECSA perceived organization

    When you have figured out which competitor class you can apply for, the following stage is to finished and present your application.


    The guide that you select must be acquainted with the new enrollment framework and must be professionally enlisted with ECSA. He or she should be driven and enthusiastic to enable you to end up ECSA enlisted. The coach assumes a critical part inside your expert enrollment preparing as they will be required to play out the accompanying obligations:

    Take an interest in the arranging of your preparation program.

    Prompt if the present work encounter is lined up with ECSA prerequisites.

    Guarantee that you are presented to an ever increment request in critical thinking, administration, affect appraisal and relief.

    Access when you are prepared to apply for enrollment and to help with the genuine application process.

    Give individual help when you are attempting to stay engaged, inspired and you have a craving for surrendering.

    Be recorded against the Commitment and Undertaking (C&U)

    The most straightforward approach to acquire a coach is to either call us to help you or you can look for a tutor on ECSA online gateway.


    To guarantee that you accomplish the level of skill for proficient enlistment in the most limited conceivable time, ECSA urges all gatherings to sign a Commitment and Undertaking (C&U). The C&U includes two sections, to be specific the businesses responsibility and the guides duty

    Bosses duty

    The business resolves to prepare you to the models that are required for proficient enlistment. Because of this, the business focuses on:

    Structure and execute preparing as per ECSA competency proclamations, arrangements and rules.

    Guarantee you get satisfactory supervision by a guide or chief.

    Help name a tutor who will furnish you with the required direction.

    Coaches duty

    The coach focuses on helping and managing you through the preparation period of the enlistment procedure. The tutor focuses on:

    Take part in the arranging and will instruct on the appropriateness concerning the program of work and experience.

    Guarantee that you are presented to an expanding request in critical thinking, administration, affect appraisal, thought of moral issues, judgment and obligation.

    Guarantee that you finish the concurred preparing.

    To liaise with the director to guarantee that all work encounter is lined up with ECSA prerequisites.

    Audit your reports and give input.

    Access when you are prepared to apply for enrollment and to help with the real application process.

    The validity of a C&U will be estimated through a progressing check process where the nature of the candidates preparing and encounter and the level of their demonstrable skill will be gotten to. Should a circumstance emerge whereby the C&U isn’t respected, ECSA may have no option yet to deregister the C&U. As a standard, a C&U is legitimate for a time of 5 years from the underlying marked date and the frame can be seen here.


    ECSA expects you to achieve 11 Outcomes in 5 unique gatherings. All preparation and work encounter that you get must be lined up with ECSA necessities. When you have picked up at least 3 years working knowledge after your day of graduation, you will be required to show how you meet these 11 Outcomes as different reports.


    You are currently required to make a preparation and experience program that is lined up with ECSA necessities under the direction of your coach. ECSA characterize preparing and encounter as:

    Preparing is a procedure of learning particular handy information, abilities, demeanors and qualities under the bearing of your director or coach while encounter is a procedure of picking up skill by dynamic inclusion in the workplace.

    The objective is to end up included with exercises that have been appointed to you by your boss. Before beginning with the movement, it is fitting to talk about the action with your administrator and tutor to watch that the preparation or work action is lined up with ECSA competency guidelines. On the off chance that the action is lined up with ECSA competency standard, you would now be able to design and execute the action. Once the movement is finished, you can record your action as a report.

    In the event that the movement isn’t lined up with ECSA competency standard, you should search for an open door whereby the extent of work and experience is lined up with ECSA necessities. The most straightforward approach to discover new open door is to have general gatherings with your boss and talk about what ventures have been granted.

    Step up and volunteer to run any new ventures as this will guarantee you pick up the vital preparing and experience. An occurrence may exist whereby you might be included with various tasks and when this happens, you know you are on the right way and you will have some incredible experience to expound on in your reports.


    You are required to log all pertinent preparing and involvement in the accompanying reports:

    Preparing and experience report

    Designing report

    Preparing and experience outline

    CPD Activity report

    For the time being, your fundamental concentration is the preparation and experience report. Toward the finish of each finished action, log all your involvement in the preparation and experience report.

    In this report you should log the experience and preparing that you got in the principal individual. You should likewise plainly show the issues you tended to and how this action added to your general improvement.

    When you have finished all your preparation and experience reports, you can continue to aggregate and finish your designing report. This report is a definite inside and out dialog on how you meet every one of the 11 Outcomes in the 5 unique gatherings.

    You will compose on at least one particular activities while exhibiting how your meet every one of the diverse results. The report must be composed in the primary individual tense and the accentuation is to center around point of view instead of the genuine work that was led.

    In the first place guideline figurings must be incorporated into the building report and consideration must be paid to as far as possible. The Engineering report gives a chance to the you to show why you are prepared to wind up professionally enrolled.

    The preparation and experience rundown is a straightforward report that abridges the quantity of weeks you spend on every one of your different preparing and experience exercises.

    It is likewise an outline of the extent of work and experience that was picked up inside that particular time allotment.

    The CPD movement report is an outline of all your CPD exercises. A CPD action isn’t just restricted to going to formal instructional classes.

    A CPD action is any action that includes giving or getting of information. So giving an introduction, composing a diary article, addressing different understudies and performing self-think about are cases of a CPD action.

    All report layouts have been incorporated into ECSA application from for proficient enrollment.


    A ref is a man who gives ECSA a sentiment of your execution and advancement.

    A Referee can be you coach, prompt administrator, roundabout chief, boss, associate or customer.

    All people who finish a ref report must be professionally enrolled with ECSA. The quantity of ref reports that should be submitted with your reports relies upon your class of enrollment and must be as per the following:

    Hopeful Engineer – Requires 2 Referee reports where no less than one report is from the doled out guide who is a Professional Engineer.

    Applicant Engineering Technologist – Requires 3 Referee reports where no less than one report is from the relegated coach. Each arbitrator must be either a Professional Engineer or a Professional Engineering Technologist.

    Hopeful Engineering Technician – Requires 3 Referee reports where no less than one report must be from the doled out guide. Each ref should either be a Professional Engineer, a Professional Engineering Technologist or a Professional Engineering Technician.


    When you have finished every one of the structures in stage 6 and 7, you can present your reports and application to ECSA for survey.

    ECSA are as yet building up their online framework and can’t affirm when the framework will go live. So for the time being, all application shapes should be submitted physically and all archives should be printed.


    The expert Review is an up close and personal exchange whereby you will be required to exhibit how you met every one of ECSA 11 unique results.

    The expert survey may be booked once your paper based application has been explored by ECSA. The expert survey is the last period of evaluating and is appropriate to Candidate Engineers and Candidate Engineering Technologists.