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    Fortnite is a standout amongst the most mainstream diversions at show, with an expected 12m+ dynamic month to month players.

    While its “free” sticker price is clearly a noteworthy draw, one of alternate perspectives was its flexibility crosswise over a wide range of stages.

    In case you’re running the diversion on PS4, PC or Nintendo Switch – you’re ready to play it with a large number of other individuals around the globe.

    Sadly, the PC adaptation of the framework is inclined to various normal mistakes; “Passage Point Not Found” being one.

    This blunder isn’t special to Fortnite – it’s fundamentally caused by Windows being not able load a specific “DLL” record that is required to get an application running. On account of Fortnite, this can be various diverse DLL’s.

    On the off chance that you need to settle the issue, the appropriate response is to supplant Fortnite’s records. While you can “re-introduce” the amusement to accomplish this, a significantly quicker and less nosy route is to utilize the “Confirm” framework inside the Epic Games launcher.


    The reason for the issue is that your PC can’t stack a record required to run the Fortnite application.

    Each “working framework” in PCs utilizes a progression of “libraries” to enable applications to work.

    In Linux/Mac, these “libraries” are institutionalized (introduced through a focal storehouse).

    In Windows, they are not – and are normally added to the framework through “Powerful Link Libraries” (DLL) documents.

    The issue you’re encountering is regular – at whatever point an application requires a specific DLL document, and can’t find it, or can’t locate the specific part inside it to run the application – it will raise a blunder like the one you’re encountering.

    The fix is to guarantee all the required DLLs are available for the application being referred to. With Fortnite, this could be many; the fix is to give Epic Games’ a chance to possess devices take the necessary steps.


    The center arrangement is to guarantee that your applications can get to the records it requires to run.

    On account of Fortnite, it implies either re-introducing the diversion or supplanting the records it requires. The last can be accomplished by utilizing a device inside the framework itself…

    1. Expel Fortnite “Parallels” Folder

    At whatever point you create applications, the “doubles” envelope is the place all the “operational” records are kept.

    For instance, any “EXE” records your application may have are kept inside this organizer.

    Evacuating the “pairs” organizer for Fortnite implies you can stack up the “repair” office in the Epic Games launcher – which should resolve the issue you’re encountering:

    Open “Windows Explorer” (“File Explorer” if utilizing Windows 10)

    Peruse to the accompanying organizer: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite\FortniteGame

    Select the “Doubles” organizer

    Erase it (press “Erase” on console)

    This should expel the documents that are stacked at whatever point you attempt and load Fortnite.

    2. Load Epic Games Launcher

    The subsequent stage is to stack the “Epic Games Launcher”…

    This should be possible by clicking onto the work area and clicking onto its symbol.

    From the “launcher”, select the little “gear-tooth” symbol by the “Dispatch” (green) catch

    From the menu which loads, select “Confirm”

    This may take some time – and will essentially resolve any of the center issues with Fortnite and its documents

    When it finishes, have a go at clicking “Dispatch”

    This should dispatch the diversion and enable you to run it.

    On the off chance that it doesn’t work in the wake of doing this, you should continue with a re-introduce (which takes longer and requires more space).

    3. (In the event that regardless it doesn’t work) ReInstall The Game

    In the event that the check procedure doesn’t work, you’ll have to re-introduce the amusement.

    To do this, you should take after the means here:

    In Windows 7, click “Begin” > “Control Panel” > “Include/Remove Programs”

    In Windows 10, right-tap on the “Begin” catch > select “Applications and Features”

    From the rundowns which show (on the two frameworks), look down to Fortnite and expel it

    You may likewise wish to expel the Epic Games Launcher (if its symbol shows up)

    In the wake of doing this, restart your PC and after that go to the Fortnite site again – download a new duplicate of the installer and let it run.

    Once introduced, test to check whether the amusement dispatches as proposed.

    In the event that the above does not work, it likely means you have a type of other issue with the framework (normally with the documents or settings of Windows).

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